Cylindrical Type Demagnetizers

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Cylindrical Type Demagnetizers and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Demagnetizer is required to eliminate Residual Magnetism of work piece, which is generated due to manufacturing process like Turning Milling Grinding Operations and due to contact with magnet also. Sizes and models are varying as per requirement. Magnetism can be verified by GAUSS METER. This particular model is made for bigger size job like gears, shaft, press dies etc.

How to operate
  • Provide suitable supply to demagnetizer
  • Operate by foot switch
  • Demagnetizer touch to work piece & Move it on it’s surface

How to check performance
  • Check residual magnetism of work piece BEFORE demagnetizing.
  • Demagnetizing it as per above instruction
  • Check residual magnetism of work piece by Residual Field meter ( Gauss Meter ) AFTER demagnetizing

Area of application Tool Room and standard Room, Press Shop, Assembly line etc.

AdvantagesIncrease tool life. Increase productivity. Increase quality.

Available Sizes
Code No. Size ( L x W x H)
023-06-01 Dia. 40 x L 80 mm + 250 mm long handle